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Need to host some videos!

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Got some vids from Blueflame, that exhaust is awsome!
who can host them for me?
they just have to be seen and heard!

I am now pestering the missus to let me buy one!
phil :D
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pm me and ill give you a ftp account to upload them to my hosting
ok guys.....ive made an account that any of you can use. I shall check the content reguarly

FTP Server:
Username: renaultsport
Password: megane

Items can be linked to through this link

though enter into your internet browser

when asked for a username enter the details

then drag and drop

the files will be found here.
Looks good......getting mine done next weekend. Not getting a kit though. Just back box out and new tips on.

why isnt the guy in the video hammering it?

It certainly dosent sound like he is.
Topper225 said:
Getting one also, was behind Jasdigio on a meet and it sounded awesome... Just need to find a bit of spare cash :D
Topper mine is costing me about £230

not OTT imo

From the centre box to the tips. I dont know if they were gonna put a small back box in or not. either way it should sound nice :)
1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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