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Afternoon everyone, I have joined this forum today as I have taken the leap and put away my 172 cup track/fast road car and have been lucky enough to secure a 1 owner 250 cup.
I have past experience with French cars, recently I have let go a 1600 205 Gti that I restored as I simply wasn’t using it and the funds in it were holding me back in life. I have had a 172 when new in 2002, a 207 gti in 2007, a new 197 in 2007, a 2004 fully setup 172 cup and now my 250. I have a golf R for day to to activity but I won’t say much about that on here.
My first concern is that I am a little underwhelmed by the 250… it’s potentially because of the other cars I own or I need more time to adjust to it.
It will be used a lot on track but will also be used at times to take the mrs and kids out.
I won’t be looking for major modifications to performance, I would like a little more drama from it so considering a mid section cut, the removal of the foam from the air box and the obligatory map from RS tuning. Is the map worth it without hardware like the IC and intake/decat?
I do have many years of car tinkering under my belt so I may be able to help on other topics too, but that’s me, just saying Hi!
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