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New CTR Pics

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Looks pretty tasty, although I think this is a concept
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That look's wicked :wink:
Chavylicious :lol: IMO of course :)
i like that....not in the yelow though maybe arctic blue :D
To me it kinda looks like a sharper, slightly slicker looking Pug 206??? Or is that just me?? (I mean the overall shape)
Official unveiling at Geneva tomorrow. More details here including a countdown timer:
Jacob said:
just a rush job but looks better :D :D

Just need to change the yellow calipers :lol:
Like the alloys, saw 6 new civics whe we went to milton keynes last friday. 5 of them were in a muck colour. You just cant keep the coffin dodgers out of a honda!
Galaxy grey on the honda web site. Looks like mud on the car.
did that in bout 5 mins flat couldnt be arsed wi callipers :evil: :evil:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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