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new intercooler is here : )

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turned up in the post today, will put spome pics of it in the pics forum, and prob will fit it tomorow as i got the day off. :D
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When you post some pics could you point out where the bumper bolts on so i can run that pipe to the airbox, much appreciated
phil :D
will do matey, am doing it 2morow hopefuly, so wen im done il post up some pics
Cheers! :D
will be later today tho mat eas off to a meeting in a mo but dont you worry ill crack on wen i get back :D
its on and all done, just need to up load all the pics and do a write up on how to remove the bump for others
kool, removing the bumpers guide would be good.

Did it take you long to fit the cooler?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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