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Hi Meg RS Fans,

i`m new to your Forum and come from Germany, I own
now about 5 Month the Meg RS.
I have driven a lot Cars before, like M3 Convertible, 850i, Audi V8 Quattro, Nissan 300 ZX TwinTurbo`s, Golf VR6.
But after all this Time, the Petrol is coming so expensive in Germany,
that the big Engine`s will not work out for Job driving in the City`s anymore.
So i rode the RS and was realy surprised how good it work out.

I think Renault should do a little better on the After-Finish of the Car,
and it would be even more "Greater".

My wishlist:

- 4 Wheel Drive - with Power Upgrade!
- Xenon-Corner-Light
- Smoother and shorter GEAR
- Bi Xenon
- electrical Seats
- Seat heating with 6-Step Regulating.
- More Space at the Pedal`s
- Better Speaker-System`s
- Safety-Belts should be in a Holder, that they not make noises in the Corner.
- Sport-Seats with adjustable Front - under the Upperleg`s like the M3 had.

Yeah, yeah - i think i want to much from Renault. :)
But the Engine 2.0i Turbo and the Brake´s are great ! :D

And that`s what it look`s like:

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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