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new project is complete

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i know its not to every ones taste but wat the hell,
from the pics you can see i made a new box today the size of the wheel well, lucky enough i was able to fit the power cap and amp to the sides of the box if i put it in and an angle.

went in a treat, getting it wired up was a laugh but got there in the end :lol:

tried the sub in the box and all was sweet :D

then it was time to make a frame to cover the box and the boot surface area, this took some time but again it looks simple as its just a rectange to look at bu it was a bitch to fit :x as wen its made its got to go in the car in one piece and thats the tricky bit but being the clever sod that i am :roll: i done it :wink: with some help.

then it was down to making the bit to fit over where the base of the seats go and again looking at it it looks easy but you got to cut round the rear panels to where it joins the boot carpet on the sides, took a bit of time but it looked good wen done,

personaly im well fooking chuffed with the out come :D
love the wat it looks, got some good base still from the hidden 15" sub, and the noise inside the car from the zorst is awesome still, i cant get enough of it :twisted: :twisted: :lol:

and if i need to take people out all i got to do is take the front section out and the seats will go back in no probs and it will loo like a normal boot floor :D

here are the pics,

please give me your views and wat you think of it.

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going from this

to this in one day is great, can do most things wen you put your mint to it,

and the best thing is it only cost me £50 to do.
£35 for the carpet and glue
and £15 for one 8ft x 4ft sheet of 22mm MDF
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left them in for the people that are stuck in traffic wen i am :lol: :lol:

bean bags :lol: :lol:
dickie said:
8) Looks wicked like that Andy! Are there any vibrations from the sub? No sound proofing, dynamat stuff?
need to put something in there as wen you turn the volume up the whole underside of the car shakes to bits, even me tail pipes go mad :lol:

am going to have a look later today.
Alonso225 said:
Hats off for an A1 piece of work! Congratulations mate! Really good!

one Q though... why the "decking area" where the rear seats used to be? I know you can put them back in... but still dont know whats beneath them?

just the wireing for the sub realy,plus somewhere to put the shopping :lol:
megane225 said:
Shit man I cant believe what you have done to you car
:lol: :lol:

20 mins and could have it back to standard.
andspenka said:
Looks good mate, only think that spoils it a bit is the seatbelts. Any reason why they're like that?
the only reason i done that was cos they knocked around a bit on the side as there is no seat there now, so just tucked them in at a funny angle for fun realy.
pjdt77 said:
Andy that looks the nuts man, how bout at the FCS you provide the sounds and I'll provide the lights with me under car led kit!!!!!
Ace m8, love stuff that makes a car individual. We''ll hook up at the show m8, hopefully will have all me mods done by then. 300BHP or its back to me zimmer frame!!

All the best Phill J
:lol: :lol: thanks matey and trust me i like to be individual about things :lol: even if renaults hate it.

as for 300bhp wat year is your 225 as you might be in the same boat as me.
think you will be fine if its an 05, E4 come out late in 05 around sept/nov time.
David Shearer said:
that's a bloody nice job Andy, I reckon you know your way around a megane even more than the Renault people do now. :lol: :lol:
iv known that fact for a while :lol:
Alex_172 said:
Andy, another top job!! plenty of bass and without compromising space or weight!!

I like the fact that the install is hidden away!!

I'm coming your way when I want my ICE installed mate!! :wink: :wink:
no problem alex, bring it along and ill see wat we can do for you. said:
Well done Andy, nice bit of work there mate.

You'll have to come round and let me have a look!
to see where we can fit the noz :lol:
denty225 said:
Andy you are bloody mad mate. How are you gonna hear the exhaust with that bloody great sub banging?
well its better than it was b4 with the 2 15s in there, would say you can here it almost as much as with the window open now.
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