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New Rear Clusters

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Anyone have a nice clsoe shot of the new rear clusters in the flesh?

Also any ideas as to how much a pair of these will set us back?

Cheers Guys,

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They are the fellas. Cheers webcode. Think they might be the final mod.
Any ideas on prices guys?

Alex, Webcode?

If not I'll call the stealers.
They arnt available yet trying to find out for myself.
check this high res pic though......I got one of the new badges aswell :p
New rear clusters are available now, and there is stock at the distributon centre.

Offside Rear:
Part No: 8200413216
Cost: £36.96 + vat

Nearside Rear:
Part No: 8200413214
Cost: £ 36.96 + vat
Webcode, i presume they are a straight forward swap? Wire connections are the same.
Yes they are a straight swap.. and are secured by two wing nut type screws..
well done mate. Cheers

Do you know the part number for the bumper fixings under the bonnet?
What ones? The black plastic ones that the centre pulls out from?
Thats brilliant. Thanks Webcode! 8)

Any news on the renault sport badges (door trim and boot) ?

Be nice to make the illusion complete!
Davelee: I believe those clips are only available in a pack that contains various clips/connectors etc.. But I'll double check tommorrow..

Dale: I am still trying to get the part number for the badges but dialogys has not been updated with the new pages for the facelift models..
I found the part numbers for the lights by removing them from a vehicle and looking at the label.. :shock:..
cheers webcode. Mine went into Renault a few months ago and they never replaced them. Don't know if its been too long to take it back now.
Bad news about the rear lights they dont fit. I've just picked up a set from renault. The lights will go on but both the conectors are differnt!! We have a 3 pin and 4 pin plugs and the new ones have a 5 and a 2 pin conector. So im gona try and take them back tomorrow.
Oh yes.. I misscounted the pins.. I have some connectors that will make a "conversion" loom if you are interested..
I didn't think they'd make it that easy :roll:
Yeah I maybe interested webcode what plugs do you have I'd need two 2pin plugs four 4pin female and two 5pin plugs
1 - 20 of 81 Posts
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