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hi new to site , had mine since 28 june and am now running out of ideas to tell the mrs why i have to go out in the car :lol:
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Hi mate and welcome, get rid of the mrs, its expensive but hours of fun to be had in the car :lol:
thanks everyone great site have been on renault sport site since i got the 225 wont be going back. :lol:
I nip back now and then but I am a forum slut :D
roar tiger :wink:
I`ll make you squeel like a piggy :lol:
see theres one, how good am I :!:
one of the lads of blackpoolcruise has a rover has had a lot of parts hand made really nice :)
Hello Karl, I hope thats not your car in your pic?
i wish it was its the v6 3.0 turbo rear wheel drive and no he dosent hit the barrier would kick any mits arse.... :lol:
It's amazing how they build it around this:

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1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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