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No boost + turbo whine

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Cars got no boost whatsoever. Feels like driving a 1.2 again. Also when the boost should come in it just whines instead.

Had people say all sorts. Turbo, actuator stuck etc. mates on his way now to have a gander but if anyone has any ideas it could save us plenty of time!

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Checked the boost pipes to see if one has come loose?
check pipes to actuator, boost soloid, DV, intercooler, etc etc. any black smoke??
Checked pipes can feel pressure all the way around the system. Apparently the arm in the actuator should move but it doesn't. Only when pulling on it with mole grips?
Boost pipes won't be pressurised unless it's under load. Also I would be worried if u could move the actuator by hand. Mole grips mean it's working. I would say it has to be a boost hose off.
Cheers lee
So after removing and checking pipes the turbo no longer whines. Still no boost. Mates run odb/obd thingy n it's misfiring on cylinder 1. Said it might be running in limp mode so gonna sort the misfire out first.
will more than likely be a fuel injector then if thats the case
correct proberly a injector i cant remember if it spools up in limp mode
He seemed to think it was the coil pack. Black thingy that goes to the spark plug. I'll put the info across though. Thanks lads!
A missfire listed as a previous fault will not cause the issue you have. Sounds like a dead turbo or a boost pipe off completely.
Take ur intake pipe off, examine what u can see of the turbo.
Yeah just done that. Turbos ****ed, just wobbles about inside and doesn't spin... Gutted.
Yeah just done that. Turbos ****ed, just wobbles about inside and doesn't spin... Gutted.
ouch!!! is all the fins still on the impeller??
Hybrid conversion from either RS or K-tec, about £1,400 if you intend keeping the car mate
I have a turbo for ktec as they do not modify the hot side for their hybrids. Rs tuning need a turbo with the hot side on.
If going for a hybrid would need decat, arp rod bolts and uprated injectors. Had to do this 2 weeks ago as my turbo went.
Not sure what's happening. I'm skint so it's definitely not getting fixed for a while. Might sell it as it is.. If that's even possible.
I'll have a look cheers mate. Chances are I'll just sell it though if anyone knows anyone?
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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