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When I am driving over a speed bump a kind of klonking noise is coming from the front of the vehicle. This noise also happens when going up hill and as soon as I accelerate at 1st or 2nd gear . In other words the noise happens when the front suspension travels downwards.
Recently I have taken the vehicle to the workshop for 1st oil service and they could see any problem at the front axle/suspension.
Anyone who has experineced this or a similar problem?

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Mine does it aswell had all the bolts torqued up at K-tec
renno say its a characteristic of the car, i say its a design fault! :oops:

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jonseal said:
my shocks make like a tapping noise they always have, renault say "characteristic" theres no problem as such I guess. I did have loud bangs under braking though and that was chassis bolts
Mine makes exactly the same noise but saying that so did my 182 so i think it is a Reno thing , although saying that there was a mod on the strut tops for the 182 ...

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RS-Tuning said:
At a guess it sounds like you may have a loose subframe bolt? Is it a "deep" noise or very metallic?

Which noise relates to which problem Paul ?.


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