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If you were to buy a car for about £7-8k what would people consider. Don't want anything older than a 51 plate and ideally sub 30k miles.

Want it to be insurable, not too petrol hungry, reliable and have plenty of features.

The car is for a girl so any suggestions. Considered the following -

Megane convertible 1.6 or 2.0ltr
Clio 172 (that was my advice haha)
Ford Focus (maybe 1.8)

Current car is a 106 Quicksilver so wants something ideally more spacious and quicker.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!!! :D :D

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you could pick up a very nice astra g mk4 for around 5-6k with under 30k.

i got my ali a 52 astra g sxi 1.6 16v with 21,ooo miles on clock for £4,800.
insurance group 5 i think and get very very very good on fuel.
even could have had a 1.8 one a 2ltr or the 2.2 sri all for under the 8k mark, but she liked the 1.6 cos it was in silver and it is quick to, not 172 quick but quick enough.

i love it as you can tell, fitted nice wheels and all oe astra parts from ebay and it still has not cost me over 6k inc the car.

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