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Here is the Official Renault Handover Guide for Diesel Engines with Exhaust Particle Filter.

(These instructions should be followed to ensure diesel engines fitted with an exhaust particle filter (FAP) operate under the best possible conditions.)

What is a FAP used for? To protect the environment: the FAP stops particles being emitted from theexahust system and is currently used only on diesel engines. By filtering the exhaust gas the particle filter stops over 95% of particle emissions.

How does it work? The FAP accumulates the particles of soot and eliminates it periodically by automatic regeneration.

What is regeneration? It is the elimination of soot by high temperatures in the FAP. To make this regeneration process easier, the engine should be used regularly at a sufficient level to ensure high enough temperature of the exhaust gas. During the regeneration phase, high temperatures in the FAP may cause a smell of burning. Especially during the first regeneration.

What does this mean for the customer? There is no particulat issues for the customer except for the specific driving conditions stated below. Regeneration is an automatic process that occurs during normal driving conditions.

Recommendations for driving

Just as fuel consumption may vary, the FAP contamination may vary with driving style. Drive progressively without harsh acceleration to reduce the rate of FAP contamination and to limit the number of regenerations. Driving in this manner also reduces fuel consumption

Warning Note


Specific conditions for Megane II & Scenic II

Vehicle driven for long periods in urban areas:
  • AT Low Speed
    For approximately 180 miles
The message "FAP needs regeneration" or an orange light, or both (depending on the vehicle: refer to the drivers handbook) may appear on the instrument panel.

This message indicates that the FAP is almost fully saturated with soot. If these driving conditions continue, the FAP will be fully saturated after approx 50 miles.

In this case, the advice given is the same as that stated in the drivers handbook:
In order to enable the particle filter to be cleaned, we recommend that you drive the vehicle as soon as possible until the waring light goes out, at an average speed of 50mph (80km/h) providing that the following conditions allow it:
  • traffic conditions
    legal speed limits
Regeneration typically takes about twenty minutes from the moment it starts, if the driving conditions remain favourable. The warning light or the message will then disappear. Nevertheless, if these instructions are not observed, a second warning (service warning light + Injection warning light) may appear. It is recommended in this case that the vehicle be returned to a Renault dealer as soon as possible to carry out a forced regeneration.

Important note: Certain types of operator who drive only in urban conditions, taxi, police, local delivery operators, etc must be made fully aware of the operational requirements for the Megane II & scenic II fitted with this FAP engine prior to purchase.

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What a lot of fecking about, let me get this right.

If you get the warning light come on you have got to drive the car until you reach the optimum temp for regeneration to start, then you need to drive a further 50 miles at approx 50 MPH to complete the regeneration cycle.

Do these people live in the real world, i think the average speed limit in london is about 5 MPH, and most day to day journeys anywhere are only a few miles at a time.

Just let all those particals fly is what i say :lol:
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