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Oh go on then, here's my old one too

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hi all,

thought i'd join in and show you my old megane,
1.4 dynamique with 17"s on it, this is the only picture as it was took when we were taking it to trade in.

i know its not as clean as the other's but it was going to be the garage's from then on.

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they have dave, spoke to my man at the garage yesterday, they had it up for £8995 then dropped it too £8495 and when it sold they got just over £7000 for it which is what they gave me for the trade in :lol:
Davelee225 said:
They made a little profit then :lol:
only a very small amount if any, cause they put 2 new tyres on it for us as well :lol: :lol:
nope, but when i do i might shed a little tear :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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