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Olympian Renault

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If anyone bought their car from Olympian Renault, (Bournemouth and Salisbury) they might have a problem as the dealership went into liquidation last Friday. When I contacted them yesterday they had no idea what would happen next, but they are hopeful that a buyer might be found for the whole group. Meanwhile I am having to find another dealer to cope with the continuing warranty problems on my 225 (rear tyre wear - still; door locking button - 3rd one; fuel consumption fell after 2nd service; rear wheel steering - not nice, that one)

Chris, Full fat with glass roof.

ps I cant claim it was the losses caused by warranty work on my car that did it - it wasn't their car in the first place but Renault Birmingham's. All the warranty work has been funded by RUK.
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All warrenty work done on vehicles is recorded on a system accessable by the whole renault company including head office.

If your car is currently having work done on it then any dealer out there can continue the work.
Yep same as Olympian here at blandford
but they have been taken on by Westover as we speak
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