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Ok all,

Ive been speakign to some of the technical guys about the new front lights on the emgane.

In short the new lights are NOT compatible due to the wiring loom being uncompatable.

We dont think there is an issue with the rear light cluster though.

In short it wont work.

The new front lights will NOT fit the "old" megane unless you also replace the Front bumper.. They are a different shape..
I have measured them this morning at work, as I was considering the same change..

The wiring I guess could be altered pretty easily..

The Bonnet and wings are the same..

However the Depth of the inside vertical (nearest the centre badge) is longer on the new ones and the angle from the top corner on the bonnet is shallower.. and that is why the bumper has changed to accomodate the new light units..

See attached Diagram..

1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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