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One slight balls up though.....

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Got my insurance certificate through and its got my car (BT55 BTF) as a Megane Dynamique 2.0 Turbo!!

Contacted the insurers and they checked with the DVLA and its registered as the wrong model.

Bearing in mind the supplier of Buyacar got it from Renault and they would have registered the car with the DVLA, i'm putting it down as either the dealers fault or the DVLAs.

Now I know Renault dealers aren't renowned for their intelligence at times but i think they may have managed to register mine as the right model so we'll see.

I've contacted to get it sorted and the insurers have said that BT55 BTF is covered for the sum of £19,500 so all is well at the mo :lol:
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My old megane was registered as a Renault spider. My insurance was out of this world !!!!!
How easy was it to get the details changes.

With the car being registered to the supplier they need to do it but i assume no major hassles?
Also, as the car is registered with the insurers as a Dynamique surely they are only gonna cover the cost of one if the worst happened???
Had this issue with my 1st 225 - Didn't mention it to my insurance company - who would? cheap insurance :D But when I had my little accident!! My world nearly crashed around my feet as the insurance company weren't going to payout. If you read the small print it states that you need to highlight if the details aren't right. Moral of the story it cost me an additional £96 pound to ammend my policy but it could have cost me a whole lot more!!!!
Turns out it wasn't he DVLA but the insurers who didn't actually know what a RenaultSport Megane 225 was so had to cancel the policy.

Phoned a couple of insurers and they didn't know either, in the end went with and got it sorted!! :D :D

I'm now back on the road with no worries lol
I had this same problem, it's a shame the old threads had been lost.

The V5 said nothing but "Renault". I'd told the insurers (Tesco) the car was a 225 anyway, but they couldn't find the 225 on their lists and all the docs came back as a Dynamique. They said this was fine (and I asked them several times) because I'd given them all the information I could.

This years policy does now state "RENAULTSPORT MEGANE 225", but the V5 did not.

TO amend your V5, just cross out whatever it says and write "RENAULTSPORT MEGANE 225" underneath in pen, sign the box at bottom and send it to the DVLA. They'll send you out a correct version a few weeks later.
I'm through Tesco as well. Mine has said RenaultSport 225 from the start, it even points out that the car is a Trophy.
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