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Orbisoud Exhaust

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Translated from french with google

Line supplements in diameter 67 for a profit of couple, exhaust into 2 or 4 exits with perforated sheet and teases stainless for a better sound quality. The assembly from the silencer alone, 2 or 4 exits, is possible. 2 types of sonority are available. The first out of direct tube which, divine surprised, emphasizes the transparency of the turbo noise, the sonority of the exhaust in acceleration becomes rageuse,on deals with sports car without the level being too high. The second: addition of 2 small silencers, a significant part of the turbo transparency disappeared, the noise remains more marked than on the version of series sonority is rounder with the idle as in load, the owner knows that it leads one 2 liters turbo.

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email them for sounds, its the only way we get new info for megane 255`s by emailing compaines for things you see on their websites.

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Looks Awesome!

I like the look very much, far better than the K-Tec unit I had fitted, which is already looking a little tired around the tailpipes
Orbisoud systems are very good but also very expensive.

David, if you are having any problems with your system please let me know. As for the tailpipes, even though they are stainless they will benefit from a polish now and again to keep them nice and shiney.

look abit ott to me, but hay iv got two cannons hanging out the back of mine so every ones taste is different :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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