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Hello All... Just a 225 News Update

As some of you have read in a couple of posts, I suffered from the over-sensitive throttle pedal syndrome. It took several visits to my local Renault Stealer and a couple arguments with the customer's liasion guy who kept on saying "computer says nothing wrong". Only after Allan (RTE for Dixons Huddersfield) went out for a drive with me, was that it was agreed that there was a problem - smooth starts difficult to achieve: either stalling or over revving.... (A BIG shout for Al for all his attention and good service attitude!).

it seems that the diagnostic computer didnt report any faults but Renault had in its technical database a similar problem and pointed at the throttle pedal potentiometre as a source. Allan changed it, reprogrammed the computer (reseting previous driver profiles) and now I have real nice car to drive...

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What driver profiles are these that need to be reset???

Is it common for the car to keep profiles of whoever drives it???

So if i let my wife drive the car, does it mean i will have a slow-coach to content with afterwards???

Cant the battery be left disconnected overnight and that should erase any sort of memory the ECU might keep

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RS225-RSA said:
What driver profiles are these that need to be reset???

According to the RTE (Renault Technical Expert) @ Dixon-Renault Huddersfield, the ECU constantly keeps track of how the vehile is driven to accomodate the response of the engine.

If you use the car as a weekend track car only, the way the throttle responds to your inputs will be different if your granny uses it for her weekly drive to Tesco... if you combine these 2 driving styles, the computer will average both.

Yes, if you let your wife drive the car, as it happens in my case (actually it is she who lets me drive it!) the car will "get used" to her driving style, but after a couple of days giving it some stick, it will use the latest driving style as a reference... its not a fixed thing... its constantly taking measurements

In fact, I believe the steeting feel, being electro-hydraulic, is also modified the ECU is reprogrammed. After the last visit to the garage to sort the pedal sensitivity issue, the steering felt tighter (both my wife and i felt it that way compared to the way it was) I asked the RTE about this and he is not sure (if the steering is involved in the 'drivers parametres')... Because the diagnostic equipment uses updates downloaded from their own intranet, these "downloads" must benefit from the latest developments in the software for the ECU.

I dont know... id be useful if someone that knows more about this could contribute to the subject

No idea if you can reset this just by disconnecting the battery.
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