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Over the top of what!!!

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Take a look at this Megane 225 that's on ebay at the moment, talk about wrecking a gorgeous car!

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Gaz edited your post for you mate. If your putting a link in, use URL instead of IMG, as IMG is for image only.
sorry mate would have to dis agree, the outside is the nuts, the interior is a bit ott but other than that is ok
cheers Dave!
I do like the outside myself, but I think they've gone well over the top with the interior, they've gone a bit mad with the colour coding!

They must of spend £0000's on it!!!!

Think that is look Craigy is trying to acheive , think the outside looks good but just a a bit too much inside ....
where is craig these days

and yes wen he gets some 19s or 20s sorted it will look the nuts
andy bassett said:
and its running 20lbs of noz
Andy its not Noz its Carbon dioxide (C02 ) it lowers the inlet temp of the engine via the air intake, they also do a sprayer for intercoolers and a fuel bar which also lowers the temp of the fuel prior to combustion.

Its got rave reviews in the US and is used by many drag racers over there. You can also buy perge systems just for show, linked up to the main system.
Its not really taken off over here as its fairly new to the UK.
It lowers the temp more than a uprated intercooler but you need 2 10lb tanks and all the bits plus youre relying on the tanks to be full at the crucial moment.
I can get this stuff at a good price if youre intrested :wink: . I was thinking of getting it myself but cant make up my mind. Might just go for the urated intercooler
It gives good gains but perhaps its better to go for the up rated intercooler first (or knowing you Andy both )

Heres the link to the site with all the info you will ever need. Its also really good site

Have Fun


PS wheels look the nuts dont you think ?
so it is. :?

i looked at them intercooler co2 kits as well along with the purge kits but i dont think we really warrent it in this country do we, its not as if the roads are good or long enough to give it some.
I hate it when people do that sort of stuff to a great looking car to start with. CHAVED up comes to mind.
Surley the problem is A.) Its much hotter in America and B.) Drag racing is because they dont have any twists, just 90 degree junctions. awful country to drive in. if you do find a curvy road it will be up in the mountains where the weather will be bad and youl fuel up at a "Gas" station thats got rusty pumps and running super un-performance crap fuel.

over here it will happen, the "1/4 milers" will do it. Chav`s will run it and it will be almost pointless.

over here you just need a.) a safe car b.) a car with 4wd due to weather and broken roads.

all imo of course

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Isnt that craigy's kit?
spoiler the same and the arches even front splitter same so i would yes its the same, wheels arnt :lol:
yes have to agree love the outside, inside looks cack, i do like my car with the front quad lights color coded doors look cool but dont know if i would have that
boot looks faily good.

i would like my car to look like the outside but not the inside :D
mate that is a well nice car
but the doors r :oops:
whats the year all about!... 1980.
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