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Pan European Imports

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Just looking for a bit of advice really.

The wife purchased a megane 1.4 with a/c, alloys, cd player, 4k miles & 10months old. Took her car and the 225 in for their 1st service at differnt dealership to where it was purchased. The car needed work carried out however we were told it was no longer under warranty at just over 2yr old. Turns out to be an import.

Purchased at a renualt dealership as a nearly new car, not informed at the time of its history in fact were lead to believe it was a previous customers car and that the had sized up to a scenic.

Been onto the dealership and they have agreed at this time to extend warranty & assistance so car is covered up to 3yrs. However not sorted out the loss in value when we come to sell it on.

Whats your views on this and anyone with any experience of selling an import.
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If you didn't know then why will someone else...

I wouldn't settle for just the extra warranty matey, i'd have a right dig at them as they sold you a car with the impressions it was a uk car...
I'd definitely have a good moan about that to the dealership as they would have know it was an import.

It shouldn't effect the price you sell it for as its usually warranty people want so over 3 years it won't have one anyway. It might only be a problem if you want to trade it in to a dealership!! :(

Definitely have words with em mate.
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