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As i am crap with computers,can someone run through how to do the Avatar thing with the picture next to your user name,and also how to put a picture in when posting. :oops: :oops:
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Hi mate to add an avatar, find your chosen picture and make it no bigger than 120 X 120 pixels.

Then go onto and up load it.

Then you take the bottom link and add it into the box next to add an off line avatar. You can find this option by clicking on Profile on the top bar of the forum.

To add a picture into a post then again find your desired picture and upload it to again and take the bottom link again and do this below.

This will be something like your link from imageshack:

Then infront of the web address add this

So it will leave you something like this but without the spaces at the start and end of your web url:

To get the
bits you can click on the Img icon on the top of where you type your post so click it once for the

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Cheers Shiny i will give it a go
No problems matey!

If you run into any trouble give me a buzz, i'll help you out! :wink:
Adam, didn't mean to butt in, thought i might as well make a permanent how to guides again.
Not at all mate!

Easier to find if its a sticky as obviously it'll stay at the top!

Go ahead matey! :wink:
Thats what i thought. Ive done a few more how to guides like last time. Backing these ones up though this time !!!!!
OMG i did it - Thanks to Dave and Shiny
Well Done Matey!

Easy Pasy eh! :wink:
Carl P said:
OMG i did it - Thanks to Dave and Shiny
wheels look good, did you photo shop them of really get them painted
Carl P said:
OMG i did it - Thanks to Dave and Shiny
Well done mate, looks good.

Were the instructions clear enough?
Got them painted-but not quite dark enough
Carl, you got any closer shots of the alloys, was thinking of getting mine done.
Yeh thanks Dave for helping a computer iliterate
Will try to get closeups might take a bit :oops: :oops:
No probs mate. Where and how much did it cost you to get done if you don't mind me asking?
Got it done in Christchurch - He took the wheels and tyres off sprayed the whole rim put the tyres and wheels back on for £50 a wheel
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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