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please help, pic needed

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can someone please take a pic of there bonnet for me from the front as i need a pic to do some logo designs on, and the size of the bonnet please, ie W x L
cheers andy.
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I just measured it and here it is with the pic (sorry not very good)

Width:139cm at the top near to the windscreen, 136cm at the bottom at the healights
Length: 73cm down the middle

I posted the link cos the pic didn't want to resize.
NICE ONE! :wink:
Not very clean at the moment cos the saw dust from the builders on the roof is flying everywhere.

Took it into Honda today and found out that the Renault garage managed to finance my car last sep in someone elses name. :evil: All sorted now though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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