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March Photo of the Month Competition
The topic for March 2013 is...

Nice easy topic this month, Could be of countryside or even in a city and anything in between. Remember the photo will end up in the 2014 calender.

The photo must be of a Renault. It can contain the whole car or part of it. The photo must be taken by the member submitting it. The photo must have been taken after this topic was anounced so get snapping :)

Any pics entered will be vetted by the mods with a simple; yes or no. To see if they meet the criteria. If they do, then they will be entered into the public Poll at the end of the month. The Poll will be open for 7 days and the winner decided.

*ALL entries will get a simple "YES" or "NO" as to whether myself or the mods feel they meet the criteria for that particular months topic.
*The decision of the mod is final, any arguments and that person will be excluded from that months POTM comp.
*Plain borders are OK.
*Black and white pics are OK.
*Only 1 pic per car, per person
*The competition closes 31/03/13
*Photoshop is NOT allowed

Voting for your favourite will be open a few days after via a poll.

Reminder, please don't spam, just use this thread to put pictures in.

Want to chat about the pics, Use here:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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