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just been reading the this months Renaultsport news letter, and the new phase 2 225's will now have launch control :D

"Power start launch control system allows an optimum amount of tranction and power to be transmitted to the road from a starting position without having to lift the throttle, thanks to the fine-tuning of the ESP and TC. The new traction control system programmes the system to recognise when the driver demands a performance start. The engine rev's can be raised to around 4000rpm and when the clutch is engaged, the traction control will ensure engine torque is maintained at the highest possible level that can be transmitted to the road"

also the ESP has been completely revised on both understeer and oversteer to allow higher level of agility before the system is triggered.

and just one other thing they have also announced some of this years track days: Oulton Park 30th June, Brands Hatch 31st August and Cadwell Park 20th September for starters

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andy bassett said:
Topper225 said:
If your putting new alloys on can i have first dibs on your wheels :D :D

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

oh no adams started a riot if he mentions that hes changing his wheels

every one will want them :lol:

Bidding starts £2 under list price! :lol: :lol:
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