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Rear door speakers on 5 door meggy 225

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Just a quick one on a subject thats been dealt with a zillion times... Ive gone thru the 3 forums (megane owners club, renault sport, etc) and have been able to find anything...

Ive been trying to find the right Pioneer speakers thatll fit the Meggy's rear doors without any mod?


If you send me the link to where this has been discussed, id gr8ly appreciate it!

Thankyou x 7
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Id like to know the sizes too? U know the sizesof the front speakers ? Cheers.

but get the Pioneer TS-Q131C. No discussion They were designed specifically for the megane and sound great. Trust me. And if there are better sounding options they are

a.- Much more expensive (eg Focal Slims 130V £250)
b.- Require modifications
cactusbob said:
Is that 13cm for the front and back?
Im positive its 13cm up front... but as I said, watch out with the depth of speaker you pick... the Pioneers I suggested and everybody that does not want to modify anything uses, have the magnet infront!

Regarding the rears... I think they are 13cm...but need to confirm... its a completely different story installing the rears... you need to dismantle all the door trim... Im in the process of doing it... and its not that straight forward...
yes rears are 13cm too not done them done the front but had to modify them to fit :D
So the Rear speakers for a 5 door maeg are deffo 13cm?

Also is there the same space problems in the rear doors that there are on the front doors?

ive got the TS-Q131Cs in the front and a slim sub under the drivers seat but i'm missing sound just above the bass to just below the mid range. So i'm looking to put something a bit beefier in the rear doors.
yea they are 13cm with more depth then the front
But the rears aren't components like the front though are they? And the specific fit pioneers are.
sorry to sounds dumb whats componets they have a tweeter in them at the rear
Components are split tweeter and woofer like the front, you want a coxial in the rear if you fit the pioneers you won't get any rear high range due to the lack of a tweeter.

Don't know if the 5drs are the same as the 3drs but I managed to fit some infinity kappa coxials in the back of mine without cutting anything.
well i fitted the rear ones out of a 172 as they seem better in the back and put the ones in the back in the front. sounds better imo
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