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i asked about these at recaro, not to keen on the ones in the f1 cause does not match the car but the recaro in the clio trophy would suit better

this is what recaro sent me

The seats fitted to the F1 Megane 225 are the RECARO Sport 'trendline'.
You'll be pleased to know that these are a standard aftermarket seat and are available from RECARO UK.
For information on the seat please view the following link:

then select: Products - Car Seats - Sport - Sport
The brochure can be downloaded from the bottom of the 'standard features' section.
Prices are from £545 in cloth to £745 in leather per seat, but I need to check regarding the fitting kit for the Megane, as it isn't listed in our programme at the moment (which either means it's about to be launched or that Renault have a 'exclusive' on it and the seats will have to be order from them as an accessory.

Best regards

hope this helps ya
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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