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Does anyone know how much a set of Recaro's are for the 225? Where is the best place to look for them? Website or shop?

Whats the crack with all the wiring under the seat?
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but.. the head rests that pull out for comfort and relaxed driving so you can lean your headback slighty and have it supported i love that on the 172 and 225 and standards are also full leather with puffy bits and nice renaultsport logo`s and stiching and and .. you get an armrest as stock so you can rest your head and arm and drive with a few fingers why would you want "overly hard seating on long journeys" as mentioned by Car magazine so not as comfy as stock seats and £800+ for the privilage of them.

still each to their own :roll:

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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