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Reg Vardy Rotherham

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Had my car in for a service on monday17th jan. Started quite well as when I went to book it in I requested a courtesy car, expecting to have to wait a while for a car to be available, the first day they could accomodate me was the following week! I booked in for the following week. Courtesy car was a new clio diesel, not a bad little car.
i requested three things to be looked at while my car was in:

1: Boot door didnt shut properly first time every time.
2: Gear lever rattles when in 6th gear. V annoying!
3: Drivers door rattles when closed.

And there was a problem with the paint, it is meant to be blue not black!!

OK I got a call at 5pm to say they didnt have any spark plugs and could I collect in the morning, luckily I wasnt working otherwise I'd have been in the clio all week. They had the car booked in over a week how can they not have all the parts ready? As for my list of problems:

1: Still the same!
2: Still the same!
3: Fixed.

At least the paint is fixed!

I also got them to remove the radio, no questions asked.

Only 6 miles added since I dropped the car off, which is'nt too bad.

All in not too bad a service from them. Bit miffed at the price though, £285 for the 36k service, done at just under 20k!
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Ok, now I hate these guys.

I went down to get a tray for the cd hole in the dash and it cost me 8 grand.

I'm not bloody using them again :cry:
Alex said:
:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
Got carried away and bought a new car!
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