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Hmmm, what good things can I say here......

Well they are only 3 miles from my home.
They are a Renault garage...

Other than that they are 100% $h1t&!!!!
My foglamp broke, I phoned them they said "bring it in tommorrow"
I took it in and left it with them for 7 hours, when I collected it they said "we are really sorry, it needs the back part too, oh and your brake pads need changing as well"
So after being inconvenienced for a whole day for nothing I took it back 2 days later as requested, left it there for another whole day.
When I called to collect it they said "Sorry the wrong fog lamp came... but we have fitted your brake pads"
As I left the garage with my anger button on fire the workshop lad came running out and said "we havent fitted your brake pads, they were wrong too!"

Needless to say this went on for another 2 days until finally everything was sorted but they still fitted my bumper on wrong too!

Avoid unless your car breaks down outside

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Agree with some of the points here, they are really bad at ordering things! But as for ordering the car my 06' Mehane sporthatch experiance was spot on... still waiting for mudflaps that were promised as part of my deal tho :cry:
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