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Having taken my 225 to a normal garage for a service costing me £135 in total, I had a plan. Even though the garage used all Renault OEM parts and the right oil, they didnt Valet it like Renault always do. I phoned Renault (Middlesbrough) who told me the standard price for a 12000/24000 mile service was 189.99. I asked them if they would consider doing it for 160.......and they agreed.

Haggle with your dealer, its worth it. I would rather goto a renault dealer anyway.


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Renault dealer servicing

Until the warranty is up keep going to a franchised dealer (makes the inevitable warranty claims easier), and after that to a non franchised renault specialist. In the end it will make the difference when selling the car. If you can prove 'Full Renault Service History' your car will sell quicker than one that cant.
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