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So, I'm sad to say that its time to sell my Twingo. A few of you might have seen it at the national events.
Unfortunately I dont have enough time to drive it anymore so the plan is to sell this and my daily drive Subaru and maybe get another R26 to replace the two cars.
Anyway... its on ebay too, but the general blurb is...
Engine replacement using a 1.6 16v Renault Clio engine, with Yamaha R1 throttle bodies, started by Autobarn and completed by Omex and GDI.

Stand alone ECU developed and installed by Omex (Omex 600).
Remapping carried out by K-Tec.
Full exhaust system, downpipe and bespoke manifold undertaken by K-Tec
FK coilovers fitted all round by K-Tec.
RH cup alloys
Renault option rear spoiler
Lexus style rear lights (original available)
Clio Sport 172 seats (rear seats removed but will come with the car)
Clio/Twingo cup graphics
Aftermarket steering wheel
Development bumpers from Prima Racing
Recent service carried out by K-Tec along with the re-mapping, exhaust and manifold works. New battery and alternator.

The power is currently 134bhp with 128ftlb torque which is approximately 178bhp per ton.
I’ve not had the opportunity to test any 0-60 times at a Raceway in this car. In fact I’ve not had the chance to track the car which was its intention.

Other details:

Electric windows.

Aftermarket CD player (not that you need it, the sound of the exhaust is all the soundtrack you need)

5 speed manual gearbox

Central locking

The only bad points is that the car is not cosmetically perfect, there are the odd few stone chips and small crack in the rear bumper, being development bumpers they were not perfect when I brought them, and the usual parking dings. I didn't do the car to be a show car but to be a fun driving car. As the car was on foreign plates when I brought it there is no paperwork before 2006. I do have receipts and old MOT certificates along with the paperwork from the DVLA registering the car into the UK. There is only one key, another can be got from Renault but I've never needed two.

I'm looking for £3750 which I dont think its too much to ask for this car considering the amount of fun it really does bring when you drive it.

Any questions please do PM me.




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I remember seeing this in performance french car mag. Great build, wish I had the cash. Surprised no ones buying it.

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Thanks Snapper. Haven't even had anyone contact me on it. Its sad - I love this car!
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