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Anonymous said:
Even if the diesel isa fast as the petrol they are not as much fun to drive. Then run out of revs very quickly. 5000 RPM is the usual red line.

true but this new 2.0 Diesel is the powerfullest 2.0 production diesel in a consumer car .. no shit apparently compared with the usually 36-40mpg of rival audi,bmw,merc diesel V6`s with same HP this unit produces simular torque from the inline 4 and produces a combined 47.3 mpg on the estate laguna (which is heavier than megane) seemingly its pretty damn fast, great economy and emissions are low + the soot is burned in an incinerator system every 800 miles !!

its a nice engine with 200hp capability with 300+ torque also. id love an RS version in honesty though the insurance group would be the same and economy when driving it like a 225 would be about 30-35mpg still massivley better than a gunned 17mpg on the petrol 225 but then again diesel is more expensive and it would be effected less by depreciation hence a good 2k more expensive in reality to the petrol version.

another thing im sure it would effect the long term residuals of the petrol 225 as the derv would be more desireable

high performance diesels imo are just as expensive as petrol cars.

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