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Renultsport Factory Tours

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I had seen some threads about this topic before.Is there such a thing as a visit to the factory? Can you just pop down pay on the door etc etc any help appreciated.Getting my 225 mid April and thought what better way to run my 225 in than a little jaunt down to froggie land and back (also ties in with wifes birthday but tell her that)
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The main renaultsport website will be arranging a visit there once the clio 197 goes into full production. Best to check on there.....i know i will.
yes seems alot of people wanting to attend think they will have a limit on how many can visit
Probably.....ill hopefully know before anything is announced as ill hound the brand managers.
be good if we just got a club visit get more time to browse around then :D
ohhh 20 or more english 225s on french roads :shock: that should be a laugh :lol:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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