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Replacement Fog Light

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Left Fog Light - 8200074008
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No......the whole fixture.

See below.

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Just checked on Dialogys and its a universal part and can be used on the left and right hand side of the car.
not 100% sure but on dialogys the part ive stated is the 225 one.
i thought i was going to have to claim for one but when the bumper was off today i checked the unit and found that when i changed the fog light bulbs with the bumper inplace i hadn't clipped them back in place correctly

Alex, only reason why i ask is that jimbo is looking at changing his standard bumpers to 225 ones and needs to know if he can use his original fog lights?
ill look it up in a minute.
without getting the correct vehicle model number i cant confirm 100% but ive done a search accross several megane model numbers and the part looks to be the same.
You can use the same foglights if you are changing to RS bumpers. All Meganes CC and RS have the same unit. The only thing Jimbo needs to do is extend the wiring.

Have checked using his reg plate on the system and have been able to confirm that the fog lights remain the same on both models. body code on my car is CMoM, Jimbo's is CM0G.

Have looked and they both use the same fog light P/N:82 00 74008
I dont however know if the wiring loom is long enough to reach to where the fog pods are as opposed to their current location.
thankyou very much alex and dave. saved me alot of running about. no probs with the wiring. ill just 'fiddle' with the existing to make it fit ;) just need to make sure the colour is spot on now :)
jimbo..... you taken into account that you will have washers on the 225 bumper?
Alex said:
jimbo..... you taken into account that you will have washers on the 225 bumper?
He can fill the holes in if he wishes. Does the RS bumper come with the washer holes predrilled? Also the RS bumper tray is different to the normal megs.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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