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Just been out tonight and noticed that i've never red lined never really needed to. so thought i'd give it a go.
It seems to rev past 7000rpm but after about 6500rpm it seems to loose quite a bit of go. Does anyone else have this or is it normal?
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yup thats about right.....though i cant get over 6000 rpm at the moment easily.
Cool glad its not screwed.

Have you got the dealer to look at it again? You said about the coils were dodgy at andy's meet.

Yeah it howls at those rev's yours must sound wicked with that exhaust
not a coil problem. they swapped out an injector but the problem i have is as follows.

when a car has a problem like a destructive misfire it freezes the adaptive settings. these are the max revs etc. I need the dealer to reset these.

Only problem is that apparently its not covered under warranty.they wanted to charge me £ i had a big hoo haa with them today about it and after talking to a friend on it they are going to be resetting them for me tomorrow morning.

so hopefully i should be back up and running. Certainly CLIP isnt giving any errors now!
Glad you got it sorted Alex But not covered under warranty sounds like Renault bullshit if the cars not running right then it should be covered, shouldn't have to ask a friend to intervene.
Whats going on Renault :evil:
spoke to a collegue today and it should be covered under warranty!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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