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I have spoken with WRC at Silverstone regarding a rolling road day.

Ideally they want a minimum of 12 cars.

The prices works out as follows

Cars - Cost per car
12 ----- £40
20 ----- £35
30 ----- £30

Please answer the poll yes or no if you are really interested in going and we can look at some dates. Weekend dates are available

What WRC Say

WRC Technologies is the UK's premier dyno tuning and testing facility, utilizing the revolutionary Quad Retarder Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dynamometer - with a collosal 2400bhp power handling capability - at the wheels. This is the largest capacity rolling road system available today - and one of only two in the world.

We are the UK's most experienced Dyno Dynamics rolling road tuning company. Our Technical Director has used Dyno Dynamics rolling roads since 1997 - in Australian Porsche Cup and V8 Touring car engine development programs.

We have many services available, starting with our simple "Horsepower" dyno tests which can let you finally know how much horsepower and torque your performance car is producing.

Complete dyno tuning services are available; with our extremely experienced mechanical and service technications to assist you in tuning your automobile for maximum horsepower. While utilizing data-logging equipment, WRC Technolgies' technical staff analyze your vehicle and perform adjustements to set the timing curves, fuel curves and optimize air/fuel mixtures.

WRC Technologies' dyno facility can also help you troubleshoot driveability or full throttle problems; including missing, hesitation, detonation or intermittent condition problems.

Horsepower Analysis

There are a lot of companies emerging in the UK with offers of horsepower measurement on their dynamometer machines. At WRC Technologies, we can go one step further. After a brief power testing session we can tell you WHY your vehicle makes as much horsepower as it has demonstrated, and help you identify areas of improvement to increase horsepower or the vehicle's drivability.

Our Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer measures engine power via the driving wheels in an accurate and repeatable method. When you have made performance modifications, whether you own a non-turbo Imprezza, or a Porsche 996 GT2 Twin Turbo, you have probably wondered about how much horsepower and torque your combination is actually producing. Priced at only £55 + vat for a dyno session, WRC Technologies' Service Technicians will load and prepare your vehicle on the Dyno, connect the wide-band air/fuel ratio diagnostic system, inlet air temperature sensors and boost pressure sensors , then execute two full-throttle dyno passes with horsepower readings within 1 bhp between runs. This ensures the engine operating conditions have stabilised, and the power readings we obtain are truly accurate. Your vehicle's dyno runs are recorded in real time, and printed out in full color for your records.

Dyno Tuning

WRC Technologies can dyno tune your performance vehicle for maximum horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range. Although the most expensive of all the dyno services we offer, dyno tuning is the ultimate tool for getting the most power out of your combination. WRC Technologies' multi-parameter Data-Logging systems, and wide-band air/fuel meter give our technicians important information during your automobile's dyno run. To obtain maximum horsepower, our technicians will seek to discover the optimum timing curves, total spark advance, spark plug gap, air/fuel ratio, and idle fuel mixtures.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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