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Discussion Starter · #1 · are having a rolling road day at the location above on Saturday 4th February

There are afew spare slots avaible..

Details below..

If interested add a comment below and a will add your names to the list

Cheers Robo

""Right this is us coming upto the final week before the rolling road day. So just gonna go through it all just to finalise any queries. Right the price is ?35 a head for a coupe of runs.

These runs will show your bhp, torque and on petrol motors boost levels throughout the rev range. It will also be a good indicator of any health issues with any of the cars.

All money will be paid in after each individual rolling road run. And there will be a check off list showing all who have paid.

For anyone not sure how to get there here is an address for your sat nav EH47 0ET.

We "MUST" be there for 9.00am on saturday morning. To things kick started. Usually 4WD motors go on last. But if someone makes a request at the start of the day than these cars can be put on first. The reason being there is a lot of messing about with the rollers to adjust them for each 4WD car.

As has been stated anyone coming from the Greenock/Ayrshire way there will be a convoy point at Largs Morrisons at 7.35/7.40 am. For anyone who does not want to join in the convoy if you can meet us up there""
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