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Running my engine in........?

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Ok I've had the car for over a week now, just done about 110ish miles.

I was planning on running the engine in for about 600 miles. I've been holding back on accelerating hard, only taken it to just of 3k rpm.

Took it on the motorway too, cruises so nicely. Again stuck to 3k rpm.

Anyone think I should be treating it different whilst running it in. Also about leaving it to run for a minute to let the turbo cool??

Or am i just being paranoid?? :lol: :lol:
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no mate you are doing fine, there is no harm at all running it in for 600 miles i did (sort of), they say the engines are all ready run in, but there is no prob running it for another 600 to be safe.

as for the turbo again better to be safe than sorry, you only need to run it on the spot and let it cool down for a minute or two.

also every car i have owned i have kinda run it in for around the first 500 miles then drove it 60% of time hard and really never had engine trouble with any of them
Sounds like i'm not doing any harm.

I haven't really thought about letting it run for a minute when i've stopped driving it but I guess the fact that its hardly running on boost it won't be much of a problem.

I'll keep and eye on that element of it when I am able to drive it a bit harder! :D
I thought somone mentioned that the turbo had its own cooling system
I did hear that it did.

I'm assuming its good enough to rely on then? :D I'm happy to let it run and cool down a bit before turning the engine off, at 3k rpm though its barely on boost.
I've had a Cup since Tuesday, done 350 miles and I love it! No more stinking diesel 5 series.

The plan was to do the first 1000 at under 3-3500 revs. Anyway, there I was, running it in nicely on the M1, when a Saxo VTS zips up alongside and before you know it all my good work and patience is shot to bits. Mind you, so was the Saxo!

Doesn't seem to make sense to go back now....
Hi mate, welcome to the site. They'll be a few people wanting to race. :wink:
Welcome along mate!

Show them saxo's what what! :wink:
Welcome mate go on give it some ....
running in is pants, hard run ins definately make the best engines, modern engines are bench tested to about 14k anyway so chances of it going bacg are minimal. If it does go pop its renaults problem. Hard run ins can make an average engine good but normal running in if you do happen to have a bit of a bad one its not gonna make it better giving it a gentle run in.

AS long as you allow 3-4 miles of normal driving to allow the oil to warm up you'll be ok
Definitely, no more of that <3k revs then!
this is prob the hardest iv ever driven a car i think, rip the arse out of it most times i drive it but it never plays up, always wants to go.
I cant really say that I let any new car I have had "Run In" and I have never had any problems, infact my old 172 was consistantly quicker than others of the same age

I might be wrong but it works for me!!!
I agree, i've found if you sensibly boot your motor from new once its warmed up obviously then it out performs all others of its same age and spec.

My punto has out done tons of the same cars with no engine mods what so ever.

Just looking forward now to thrashing the 225...
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