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oh dear, just had to get rid of my 225 for something bigger-Espace!(family reasons)had 12 months of very happy, big smile motoring with my 225 but only ever saw 1 other on the road during the time I had mine.
Will give you guys a sorrowful wave if I see any of you about.
ps. got 15500 for mine (5 door,lux ) did i get ripped off?
pps. thedealer is NOT having the spare wheel and brand new tyre, so see the for sale section if anyone is after one.
All the best
Tim :(

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CHEERS GUYS I'm very very sorry to see her go ,what a car!unfortunately I cant fit the wife 3 kids and a 6 foot remote control helicopter into the boot,so its off to mpv land,probably more fitting for my age(40) :( :( :( :( :(

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timc said:
that would be awesome Adam but sadly mines going to be here on Monday and look like this :(

I like yours mate, get some tv headrests, surround sound, dvd and a games consol, get the windows sorted and i reckon you've got yourself a claaaaaaaaaaas motor!!

I'm only 21 and i sure like the espace's

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I managed to do the opposite.

My missus had an 03 Espace (nice car), but wanted something smaller.

We went the the Renault garage to look at Meganes and I bought the 225 for myself, and traded in her Espace!

She now has to make do with a Honda (shame).

I got the dealer to chuck in roof rails for all the extras.


ps. I could never fit my r/c plane in the Espace anyway!
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