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Well here I am as threatened. I am looking forward to receiving help on how to sort out my poor old 1.9dCi rattler.

My main concern is the very high tyre wear with the 17" wheels and, squeaks and rattles from the brakes, steering and dash. The car performs well now that is has a new turbo, intercooler and turbo oil feed pipes but I am wondering how I can stop history repeating itself! All the water leaks have now been fixed which is a relief but God what a battle I had with the dealer!

I can see properly at night thanks to HIDs4U and PIAA's wonderful Xenon driving lamps fitted in the fog pods. I also have fitted PIAA's fantastic wipers so driving in the rain is a pleasure. The next excercise is to fit PIAA's very inexpensive duotone horn replacing the excuse for one fitted to the car.

There are all sorts of bangs and clanks from the suspension though. Anyway enough of this as I am sure that I should be posting elsewhere on the Forum!
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hello and welcome. there is a major known issue with the high wear rates of the rear tyres. if you have a look here > you should learn more about it.
welcome to site matey... :)
Welcome along mate hope you enjoy your stay! :wink:
:D Wow what a great welcome - 6 posts in no time! Thanks guys!! Hope I can contribute a little something in time.
Welcome mate. You could always swap to a turbo petrol?
Not with my annual mileage! I get over 48mpg with the new tyres and turbo!

I read the thread and invested in a set of Kumho Ecsta KH 11 tyres. The car feels much sharper on them and is definitely quieter. I suspect that there is less drag at the rear which is helping the fuel consumption. It's early days as the tyres are only just run in. They look good though and the little sidewall scrubber is useful. Only £270:00 all in, a bit better than £420:00 for Continentals!
I had a donkey mondeo before the meg. I will always have a petrol car from now on. Modern diesels aint that fast yet!
Now there I would disagree. While the 1.9dCi was being refettled, I was loaned one of the first 130 dCi Euro lVs in the country. It felt like a petrol engine and was quick with loadsa torque!


Welcome to the site.

Arn't dirty diesels are for tight arses?? - Cos my dad's got one. :D :cry: :D
I would say, in short, that with the particulate filter and the fact that in one year (15k miles) I will use 105 gallons less and the engine churns out less CO2,

NO :D! OK so I'm going to save around £650 - that will pay for the RFL, my insurance and a full set of Kumhos.

I rest my case, milud!
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