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Found this on the Tom Tom Forum, but applies to all sat navs.

"Caution If your TT is stolen It is probaly not covered on insurance."

"Mine was stolen and the insurane said if it is in a LOCKED glove box it is covered. My car doesn't have a lockable glove box."

Also that TT's can not be claimed for on personal Insurance policys because they are classed as Car accessories. You cant win.

The second choker was from Tomtom I had purchased extra maps. The theives NOW OWN my extra maps because they are registered to a device

Even though the Disks are still im my possesion they can only be registered to one device.

I asked tomtom to activate my purchased maps to my new replacement tomtom but they can not do it.

I suggested to tomtom they should have a pin and that that there should be a periodic check of map reg codes so the maps on stolen tt's would shut down

Mobile phones now have to be coded so they cant be used by theives Sat Nav is now more expensive than phones so should have the same security.
Bluetooth units could pinpoint there position by phone when they are stolen the techno is there already wrong pin and it tells tt its stolen and where it is.

These things are now being stolen by the thousands and the damge caused to the cars of people who remove the units, but there is a tell tale circle of where it has been mounted on the screen.

It seems the theives are now smashing windows on the off chance the unit is still in the car, after all its costs them NOTHING and you the excess on your policy to get the window fixed even though the unit was removed.

It appears that criminals are just looking at peoples windscreens for the circle left by the mount. Always remove the mount and make sure your windscreen is cleaned regualrly, to avoid the circle imprint.

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put it one place so you only get one ring, and you know my mate dean in the big vectra on 19s he had his motor done last night in a shopping mall car park, the cun*s smashed his passenger window and ripped his kenwood double din 7" tv/dvd out from the dash and i mean ripped it out, they pulled it that hard that they left all the leads in the car but with no terminals on the ends, they must all still be in the back of the head unit, no end on the milti changer lead, 4 rca leads with no ends, ariel snapped of even the main power block was still in the car, tossers, and left the dash in a right mess where they forced it out.
to add to insult they went through his glove box and door pockets and nicked his rayban sun glasses his tom tom go 500 and his road angel 2 and about £7 in change from the ashtray his coat from the back seat,

the only saving grace was they did not go in the boot as you cant open the boot without the keys, so they left his subs and amp, the multi changer and dvds/cds, free view box etc and about £200 pounds worth of clothing that he bought while shopping during the day.
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