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seems to be a few people getting rid

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as above really what you guys think?
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If i get rid of mine its only gonna be for the new phase 2 megane

i dont regret in the slightest getting a it......i just dont set my expectations too high....ive never gonna be a ferarri!
I think its a case of people get bored with cars easy and want a different one! I know i do!
But the bang for buck on the megane is next to unbeatable IMO
servicing is half that of subaru and the likes!

I'll put up with the niggles until i win the lottery and get my Porsche Carrera GT, only 300K!
:lol: :lol:
There are a few people getting rid, although i think there are just as many buying. I love the car to bits.
RS resale

Do the dealers offer you guys good trade ins on your cars?

In SA expect to lose 1/3 of the value at least if you sell you your RS after 1 year.

Pass the vaseline and get ready to be shafted !!! :roll:
like alex said i would only sell mine again for another one, like the V6 one
I think its always the case with performance cars, people get bored or financial situations change and the first thing to go is the car, they are a bit of an extravagance really I guess. I know I'd be a lot better off if I had a daewoo matiz on the drive but I'd be misrable if I didnt have a nice car :)
thats me too i get bored easily and to be honest i couldn't keep up with fuel bills and tyres of the megane so went back to a 182
I know I'd be a load better off with a donkey on the drive with all the miles i cover. But having changed from a donkey to the megane I aint never gonna be without a performance car again. I'd love another integrale but the meg does a damn good job so its gonna stay for a few years :lol:

Power per pound, the Megane is faithfully following in the footsteps of the GT Turbo. Bring on the mods!
im struggling to justify getting a 225 this summer although im holding out hope that my financial situation may improve as the GF is going for a new job with more pay hehe.. steal her money :D

but im happy with cup also as i get exellent MPG always around 40mpg !! :shock: and it does seem to do it aswell.

still, my plan is to get a job close to home so i can either get one bus, or cycle/walk. if i can make it so i save the £160-£180 PCM fuel bills then all that spare can go to getting the megane, its the same ins grp as the cup and if i only use it now and again then i can tell my ins company i do less than 10k a year miles also. just on the hunt for a new local job.. if i get one then you will see me in a face lift 225 this year.

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yes can agree with all above meggy is quite expensive to run for me and would be better off with a lesser car, but would not get rid for a rubbish price, if i got rid wouldnt be for i did not like it would be purley financial but i do get bored quick with cars and i do mod them to death and is summit i have to stop cause you will never get that money back, plus i dont know what car i would have next, i would get a 182 although a step down from the meggy but a well worthy one :D
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