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meggerman said:
i thought id post another, dunno if its to people`s tastes but i know the peeps who sell all the kit including carbon fron, side and rear splitters.

seems to be loads of cool megane tuning stuff out now and its all crazy but thats ok as the car is crazy to start with :D
Who sells this kit Meggerman and how much ?
Looks fookin great :shock: have you got a pic of the rear?



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andy bassett said:
ahhh see none of you have noticed, its a standard 225 bumper on the front and they cut the holes out and added the two pieces at the bottom to make it into 3 seperate grill sections,

then added a lower skirt then the carbon bit
Oh no, don't let andy start cutting :shock: :shock:

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Have to say that looks f-ing smart!!!

Damn aggressive too. :twisted: :twisted:
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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