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Bits used in my service (18k first service)

They have put 5 litres of Elite Premier 10/40 into the car (Code 1) - £34.75
Element Filtrant (Air filter) - £15.02 (P/N 8200371663)
Washer - £0.88p (P/N 7700266044)
Filter Cabin - £17.94 (P/N 7701055109)
Oil Filter - £5.87 (P/N 8200033408)

Parts were as of 14/1/06 though might change
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What was the total cost of the service?
depends on who you are as such......

I work for RUK in their IT department so i was entitled to the staff rate.
I wouldnt be shocked to see a bill for £200-250 though its not normal to replace the cabin filter but they said it needed doing. most of my driving is motorway driving so i can expect a fair amount of crap in the filter.
also remember that renault charge you a manditory £10 to dispose of the old oil.
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