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SHE'S GOING !!!!!!! ;-(

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New house forces reluctant sale of my baby :cry: :cry: :cry:

I just can't afford to run this thing any more and should really put my 'dad' head on and buy a bigger house (which unfortunately comes with a bigger mortage)

Any ideas how much I should be looking to get for the motor.?? I know it is hard to say but the thing is absolutle spotless! It looks like the pic below and has 24,000 miles on it. Full RSH and an extra oil and filter change thrown in for good measure. It was one of the first to arrive in the Country, is a 54 plate and has just had four brand new Eagle F1 yres fitted to it!

Any ideas what I should be looking for???

ps.. If anyone knows knows a good home for this let me know becuase I would much rather it go to someone who is going to look after it!

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thats bad news fella, is there no way you could keep hold of her??
not sure on price but i saw a couple in the autotrader today that were going for around £12000/13000 when do you need shot of it by? cause it could be worth coming to the french car show if you havent sold it by then, you might get some intrest in it, as its going to be big this year.
Yer, I thought about the £13K mark would be right. Fortunately, I own the car outright so just need to turn it into some cash for the deposit on the new house etc.

It is costing me nearly £350 a month in petrol and insurance alone !!
where abouts ae you moose, and has it got any optional extra's?
Based in Barnsley mate. The only option I went for was the automatic climate control. This was bar far the most useful and still is!!

I was going to go for the Xenons as well but seeing as this is what made the last car blow up I didn't bother!
when do you recon you'll be changing then mate?
I am going to see the dealer tomorrow to see what he can offer!!!! To be honest this will be my last and final option as I hate dealers full stop!!

I have to change the car by the end of the month so this will be the very latest. If you need any further info just drop me an e-mail at [email protected]
Sorry to hear it mate, lovely looking motor
So How many miles are you doing a month and how much does the fuel cost it cann't be that much if it only has 24k on after 2 years. The insurance must be expensive then, have you tried shopping around for insurance.

Moose, sorry to hear your getting rid mate. Would you have another one in the future?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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