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SHOCK HORROR!! - Clean Car Alert

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Alex Washing the car....

Ok....i cheated........ £9.50 for in and out. The boss knows me there so they do a grand job.....spotless!.

Get the car home (less than a mile and there is already water marks all over her :evil: :evil: :evil:

OK......Plates off and gloves on. Now about this its good stuff but ya have to remember to keep the area moist or you end up drawing on the car :p

Claying needs another wash.

Sod that...lets just wash it over with some shiny surface cleaner....the in house stuff.


Now my ole man is a cheauffer and he uses the professional blue shit religiosly almost daily on his car.

So.....yup i borrowed it.

On we go..


30 mins later and polishing is done finally.

THATS WHY I GOT BLACK GOLD!!!! OH YEAH BABY!!! See the gold shining through :p

^^^^EEEEEK its me on the photo. Chav hoodie and all!

What ya think?

Time to sleep now.....took 2.5 hours total. [/img]
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love the black gold shot 8)

mines cleaner though..

also that panaoramic roof is class, whats it like ? heavier/noise etc.

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only time i hear the roof is when its frosted over in the cold.......weird though but otherwise in teh summer its lovely.

Also makes the dark interior sooo light.

lemme post an interior shot.
fookin loverly mate. full leather also 8)

posh. bet the girls love lookin at the stars in that :lol: :lol: :lol:

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we dont do stars in london......we do smog :(
cheers dave....why try and explain it when you can show it. :idea:
LOL, don't let jamie ask you any questions as he may want pictures :wink:
heh......wasnt there a saying that pictures tell 100 storys.....or was it smiles?
Probably smiles for Jamie :lol: :lol:

Does your sunroof rattle? or have any wind noise at over 60?
Not really....well it definatly dosent rattle.

Had an issue with not closing properly which needed the guide rails replacing. that was like a yeaar probs since then.
kool, after looking at yours, kinda miss mine. I had one on my old one, but vowed never to have one again becasue of the wind noise. Despite it being replaced 4 times !!!!!

its lovely to have in the summer........that along with the cliamate control means you can have a nice and cool black car with loads of light in it.
I do miss it, but not the problems. Loved the light coming in though, can't beat it in the summer.
I had a black 1.6 priviledge before the 225. that had the beige full leather interior with the sunroof. OMG it was bright in the summer.
i bet, i was going to go for a 2 litre priv when they first came out. OMG, glad i didn't. I said to the bloke i wanted the priv spec but not the grandad interior.
yeah its annoying........if you go for the full leather spec on the dynamique you get full grey leather but you cant have grey full leather on the priviledge...nope its full beige leather only.

About these photos :roll:
dont worry...its only car porn.... not animal :p
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