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Long story short, started a new job after cut off period so only been paid for 2.5 weeks wages. Cleared my overdraft but then my bank being the arseholes that they are removed my overdraft so I've got like £3 to last me a month! Just isn't the right time to be owning a car like this and I'm devistated that it's come to this but time to sort priorities out I guess lol.

2005 megane sport 225.
RS tuning map to 250bhp but maybe more as its now had a custom exhaust added.
55,000 miles
Full service history
4 months tax
11 months MOT (passed today)
12 month turbo warranty
Lowered on coilovers, don't know what brand
Forge dump valve
Phase 2 tail lights.

The bonnet has 2 creases in it and a crack in the windscreen. Been quoted £120.

I'll have to text/email photos as ive only got Internet access on my iPhone.

[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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