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SKY HD ????

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has anyone got any news on this new SKY HD box thaat there brining out, ie a date and cost, have got as much info from the web about it just not sure if any peeps might have any more info than i have?

i know you need a 26" or larger LCD or PLASMA only to use it.
its a HDMI connection to the tv vid HDMI-HDMI or HDMI -DVI.
the box has got all the recoding facilities that SKY+ has got now.

but anyone gat any ideas on prices and release dates,

andy :D
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Matmaxedout said:
Davelee225 said:
Matt might know.
sshhhhhh, dave don't tell anyone , but i'm going on the training for this on wednesday so i should have more info then, but i couldn't possibly tell anyone as it will be all so very secret stuff :lol: :lol: and i'd have to kill you afterwards :cry: :cry:

p.s and i spell my name with 1 T thanks,
and its also bloody inferno RIGHT!!!!!!! :wink: :wink:
sweet, an update would be great on any other info on this , thanks mat :p
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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