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Snetterton Meet/Trackday 19th Febuary 2011

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Right guys. Not sure if many of you know, but Snetterton is undergoing massive works which will be complete in January.

It was a 2 mile circuit with only 7 corners. As of late January it will be the Snetterton 300 circuit. They are adding a whole new infield section making it a 3 mile, 13 corner circuit, the 2nd longest in the UK!

Info about the new track and corners here:

There is an open pit lane trackday being held by Focused Events on Saturday the 19th of Febuary using the new full 300 layout and it's only £99 for the day! A great chance to be one of the first on the newly laid black stuff!!

Surely this is an opportunity not to be missed!!

I've spoken to a few people, and already have quite a few people interested after only a day of messaging people on text/Facebook.

I've already booked my place, not sure how many spaces are still available. It's free to spectate so come down, even if you don't want to track it. Will be a good photo opportunity.

Event Link Here:

It's a Saturday and others are travelling up from Essex so NO EXCUSES!! I will update the list on this first post....

1. Dan250 - Yellow 250 (Booked)
2. Anika (My girlfriend :)) - Twingo 133 (Meet only)
3. Kel Haywood - Black Clio 182 (Meet only)
4. J.Fiddy - LY R26 (Booking soon)
5. Ash_RS250 - Yellow 250 (Meet only)
6. moleinahole - Blue 225 (Meet only)
7. RENNO - Blue 250 (Meet only)
8. R26Rsmurf - Blue R26R (Booked)
9. eltel21 - Black R26 (Booked)
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Get it booked up then. *18 spaces left*. £99 is cheap for a trackday on a Saturday at a brand new circuit. It's being talked about on the Pistonheads forum too so expect spaces to go quickly
16 spaces left folks....
It's a couple of months away so there's plenty of time to plan around it.

We can arrange a time nearer the day for people who are not tracking their car and just want to turn up for a meet. I'll be happy taking people for passenger laps.

It'd be good to get enough people for a regular meet to take place, maybe even join forces with the CS meets. There's never much enthusiasm because everyone thinks there won't be many people there but we've gotta start somewhere.

We had a giggle :)
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Unfortunately not sure I'm gonna make it now due to my front bumper being wrecked :( will have to see when its going to be repaired etc.

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What happened?!
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