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Some advice please

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking into getting a Megane 225 in either the standard form, Cup or Trophy.
Its not going to be my everyday car only for weekends, budget is £5300 ish.

Now I appreciate that the Trophy or Cup has different chassis options to the early 225's, but there are good 225 cars for £1000 less with similar milage and condition.

Is there really that much difference in the handling with the Cup or Trophy ?

And is the handling not something that could be sorted on a 225 car with some of the spare £1000 that has been saved on the initial purchase of the car ?

any thoughts would be great
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Big difference, don't waste your time on a standard 225. Trust me on this. Look for a cup packed 225 if you want the luxuries as well as the improved chassis.

Oh and for arguements sake a new set of cup suspension is almost £800 (and there are more differences than that).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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